The peryton keepers of the Black Needle Forest, the Fumdar are a race of fair nymphs who seclude themselves in these dark woods to take care of their perytons. Once a month, under the new moon, the perytons become men. This is when the Fumdar mate, and it is the only time that the forests are safe to travel through. The rest of the month, the Fumdar ride their perytons through the forests searching for their favorite food: the hearts of other beings. It should be noted that they despise human women, partly from jealousy for their men, who don’t transform, and partly from fear that any passing woman might be trying to steal their mates like the warrior Andora in 3895 A.B. Like all nymphs, the Fumdar were created by Brimsin during the Second Creation, or the Creation of Beings. They did not develop their taste for human hearts until much later, when the Strein unintentionally burned down a large portion of their forest during the war between the Strein and the Grims in 3900 A.B. Before this point they ate the hearts of wild game, particularly deer and elk.