The Dracinfec are a hardy race of humans that live in the Blood Mountains. They are all completely deaf and mute. In fact, because of the curse placed on them by Azmat, they cannot make sound of any kind, not even by clapping, breathing, or using an instrument. Five years after the Wyvern took over the Blood Mountains in 4105 A.B., this simple, goat-herding people of the mountains went to Azmat, the grim warlock of Iron Tree Mountain, seeking for his help. His curse of silence was not what they had in mind, but it has proved effective every generation since. The Wyvern has no power over the Dracinfec, and never will, because the curse that Azmat wrought can only be broken when the Wyvern has finally been killed. As such, over the next few hundred years the Dracinfec have evolved from a peaceful goat-herding people to a quiet tribe of stealthy assassins, the elect of whom train their whole lives to sneak into the heavily guarded palace of the Wyvern and slay the evil enchanter in his sleep. Many of them still raise goats, but no one goes without learning some aspect of the tribe's developing martial art. They are actually a much-despised race among the Mra, mostly because they believe the Wyvern’s death will cause several hundred innocents to die as well. They recognize this as a necessary part of their task, and as such they will kill Wyvern-Held with impunity in the pursuit of their ultimate goal.

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Morkin, a Dracinfec character from Tales of the Darksome Thorn: The Son of Dark. Copyright belongs to Thomas Merrill, 2017.

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